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Antique Fireplace Surrounds

Antique chimney pieces are the foundation of Robert Aagaard & Company. All our antique fireplaces are original and unique, and as the beauty of the antique marble is a rarity not to be replicated, a visit to our showrooms and workshop is always recommended to view our ever changing stock. Several original chimney pieces are available to view in our Knaresborough showroom nr Harrogate.

Should there be a particular design that you favour seeing, advance notice would be necessary for us to assemble the surround and have it ready for you on your visit to our showroom. The stock includes original in stone, marble and of course wood all of which can be viewed in the attached listings.

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0080 - Original Georgian fender
Original Georgian fender in brass and steel with ball feet
£ 408.00
0089 - Original Victorian serpentine fender
Original Victorian serpentine fender with finely cast detail complete with base.
£ 540.00
0094 - Victorian cast iron fender
Victorian cast iron fender
£ 234.00
0154 19th Century polished steel serpentine fender
19th Century polished steel serpentine fender
£ 420.00
0105 - Art Nouveau brass fire tool supports
Art Nouveau brass fire tool supports
£ 210.00
0111 - Art Nouveau polished brass fire tools
3-Piece set Art Nouveau polished brass fire tools
£ 198.00
0147 Three-piece Brass fire tool set
Three-piece Brass fire tool set
£ 156.00
0150 Original Victorian fire tools
Original Victorian three-piece set fire tools with fine cast finial handles, pierced shovel and lozenge made 14th March 1879
£ 588.00
0151 Original 19th Century fire tools
Original 19th Century three-piece set burnished steel fire irons with rope twist detail to shafts
£ 714.00
0152 Edwardian steel fire irons
Three-piece set Edwardian steel fire irons with cast brass handles
£ 474.00
0153 Oirignal 19th Century Georgian fire irons
Original 19th Century Georgian three-piece set Burnished steel fire irons
£ 594.00